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Mr. Amir Hossain Khosru

Mr. Amir Hossain Khosru has been a life member of BASGH since its formation. As a die-hard BASGH member, Mr. Khosru and his family have been supporting BASGH uplifting its cultural programs for many years. With a degree in Marine Engineering, he works for

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Mr. Mohammad Amanullah

Mr. Mohammad Amanullah has been a die-hard BASGH memebr since its formation. He was a founding Board memebr as well as served in election Commission several times. Mr. Amanullah holds a master's degree in Computer Engineer and works for NASA Johnson Space

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Dr. Sohela Hasan

Dr. Sohela Hasan served as President of BASGH during the early years of BASGH formation. She has a Ph.D. in Public Health. During her terms as President, BASGH became well-known to the community at-large

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Dr. Anisul Islam

Dr. Anisul Islam is a Professor of International Business at the University of Houston-Downtown. He is a life memebrs of BASGH and served in the By-Laws Review Committee as well as an editor of BASGH magazine - Unmesh.

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